Other Blogs worth a read and Some General/Generic/ Possibly Dull Updates

25 Jan

It has always been kind of interesting to me how many Christians blog. From all sides of the spectrum, there is just this huge wealth of musings.

I stumbled across this link: http://churchrelevance.com/resources/top-church-blogs/

That will get you to the top 60 blogs on the web.  All far more informative than mine.

I have been working my way through some of those and once I figure out how mysterious trackbacks work I might link to some.

I’m still behind on my bible reading which is disheartening but I hit Exodus the other day and am slap bang in the middle of the plagues. It was always one of those stories that captured my imagination at Sunday School. Frogs and Locusts and blood, always good for a young boy to be entertained. I wonder what stories people remember from their childhood indoctrination at Sunday School.

For those curious I went with the ESV as translation of choice.

I have been doing some preaching at church lately. I looked at ‘Living Water’ from the Gospel of John and Last night did a character Study on John the Baptist (Baptizer) and this idea of being an arrow pointing to God. I will see if I can upload them here.

I have watched, read and been listening to a fair bit but have been fairly slack. I will write some more during the course of the coming weeks however. Unti we meet again.

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